Abductees Speak

Journey of Discovery by Becky

Part 2: Discovery

Because of the early ridicule I endured, I had no support system.  There was no one with whom I could talk and no one I would trust to listen.  I felt very alone, but learned to go on with my life.  I did occasionally wonder about things and I think on some level I always knew something was going on.  I would catch myself thinking about an odd mark or unexplainable bruise, and deciding, “Oh, they must have been here last night.”  It took me years to wonder who “they” were.  I accepted my odd fears and worked to overcome them.  I didn’t question where they came from.  There were times I would awaken with my nightclothes on backwards, inside out, or both.  I became obsessed with checking them to make sure they were on correctly at bedtime, which they nearly always were.  In the morning, I would be at a loss to explain how they had turned or flipped.  Every once in a while, I would wake up with nothing on and find my night clothes in another room.  This was extremely hard to explain, but I managed to simply shrug it off and not think too deeply about it.  Occasionally, I would see some cartoon character or drawing of something with large eyes. They made me uncomfortable, but I would just avoid them.  I didn’t like to spend the night at anyone else’s house because I felt a vague sense of guilt that I would somehow endanger them.  I kept to myself for many years.

Everything changed in my 20’s when I accidentally picked up a book on alien abductions.  The book was Communion by Whitley Strieber.  I have been an avid science fiction reader my entire life, but always stayed well clear of UFO and abduction topics.  I had never read any other books by this author, and didn’t have any idea what this particular book was about.  I bought the book as part of a package for joining a book club and without thinking picked Communion.  When it arrived, I put it aside and ignored it for months.  The cover bothered me, so I turned it over and put it under a stack of other books.  Even though I hadn’t read a word in it yet, I didn’t like the book.  It disturbed me.  Ultimately, I ran out of other reading material and picked it up again.  As I began to read, I realized that I was recognizing more and more of the material.  I read it from cover to cover in a few hours, never putting it down once I began.  No other book has ever affected me as that one did, before or since.  Quite literally, my world fell apart that day.

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