Abductee literature has grown rapidly since the late 1980s.  While some accounts are relatively accurate, others are based on fragmentary and inaccurate memories sometimes mixed with channeled and confabulated information.  Nevertheless, they convey the abductees’ stresses and pressures as they struggle to come to grips with their situation.  Among the most prominent of these accounts are:

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Beth Collings and Anna Jamerson. Connections: Solving Our Alien Abduction Mystery.  Newberg, OR: Wild Flower Press, 1996. 

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Debbie Jordan and Kathy Mitchell, Abducted! The Story of the Intruders Continues....  New York: Carroll & Graf, 1994.

Whitley Strieber. Communion.  New York: Morrow, 1987. 

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Katharina Wilson.  The Alien Jigsaw, Portland, OR: Puzzle Publishing, 1994.

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