Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to

Control Humanity


UFOs and Abductions

ISBN 1-9388-7514-1 (Paperback); September 2015; Publisher: Disinformation Books; 304 pages

David M. Jacobs, Author


In his 1998 book, The Threat, Jacobs uncovered disconcerting reports about aliens' plans for the future of Earth. He reported that a "change" is coming; a future when very human-like hybrids would intermingle with humans in everyday life. "Soon we will all be together," the aliens said. "Soon everyone will be happy and everyone will know his place."

This book examines a disturbing phenomenon that Jacobs began noticing in 2003. The alien integration action plan has kicked into high gear. The incidents of alien abductions have accelerated as have occurrences of alien involvement in everyday human life. A silent and insidious invasion has begun. Alien hybrids have moved into your neighborhood and into your workplace. They have been trained by human abductees to "pass," to blend in to society, to appear as normal as your next door neighbor.

This book illustrates in detail the process of alien integration into society and the strategy and support structure that has been developed to make this happen seamlessly. While he is not certain why they are doing it, the final chapter of the book will provide some chilling possible answers as to why they are here and what they want to accomplish.

Jacobs is a careful researcher who has investigated more than 1150 abduction events experienced by more than 150 abductees. This book focuses on the experiences of thirteen abductees.


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  UFOs and Abductions

UFOs and Abductions


The threat

The Threat

Secret Life

Secret Life



UFOs and Abductions

UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge

ISBN 0-7006-1032-4 (Hardcover); September 2000; Publisher: University Press of Kansas

David M. Jacobs, Editor


This book contains ten original essays on UFOs and abductions by some of the world's leading experts including: Stuart Appelle, Thomas E. Bullard, Jerome Clark, Don Donderi, Budd Hopkins, David M. Jacobs, John Mack, Michael Persinger, Michael Swords, and Ronald Westrum.


This is one of the few books treating the subject matter as primarily anomalous to be published by an academic press.

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The Threat

The Threat

ISBN 0-6848-1484-6 (Hardcover); 0-6848-4813-9 (Paperback)
January 1998 (Hardcover); March 1999 (Paperback)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster; Fireside (Paperback)
288 pages

The Threat was published by Simon & Schuster in January 1998.  It contains the first comprehensive evidence-driven hypothesis about the meaning and goals of the UFO and abduction phenomenon.  No other hypothesis has included all of the evidence as we have learned it since the mid-20th century.  This book is a logical extension of Secret Life and answers many of the "why" questions that have puzzled UFO researchers for decades.

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Secret Life

Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions

ISBN 0-6717-4857-2 (Hardcover); 0-6717-9720-4 (Paperback)
March 1992 (Hardcover); April 1993 (Reprinted Paperback)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster; Touchstone Books (April 1993 Reprinted Paperback)

The book was the most complete exposition of the structure and meaning of the abduction phenomenon yet published. Based on over 300 accounts of abduction events, Dr. Jacobs outlined a typical abduction experience using the most complete and current information available. This was the first UFO book ever published by Simon & Schuster. 

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