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What is the International Center for Abduction Research?

This is a fledgling organization devoted to the dissemination of trustworthy information about abductions. The ICAR will provide accurate information to therapists who are interested in abductions, and help cope with the myriad of problems that arise from the use of hypnosis and other memory collection procedures. David M. Jacobs is the Director of the ICAR and there is a small Board.

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How is it possible for aliens to get here?

Critics of the UFO and abduction phenomenon often point out the vast distances in space and the enormous amount of time it would take to traverse them. At this point we cannot know the levels of science and technology that ultimately led to the development of a method of transportation to Earth that surmounted what we presently see as insuperable difficulties. The more appropriate question to ask is not, "How did they get here?", but rather, "Are they here?" How they got here is ultimately an engineering question and it cannot yet be answered.

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How many people are abductees?

Abduction researchers have been personally contacted by thousands of people who have had experiences that abductees have had before they knew they were involved with the phenomenon. Polls have indicated that there may be hundreds of thousands more. By all measures, the phenomenon seems to be widespread throughout the society. Only a small number of these people have been investigated by researchers.

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Who is abducted?

Abductees have two commonalities: They are human, and either their mother, father or both were abductees. The abduction phenomenon appears to cut across all class, educational, geographic, intellectual, economic, racial, ethnic, and political lines. We have identified no apparent physiological traits which would determine whether a person is an abductee. At the beginning of the abduction phenomenon, probably in the late nineteenth century, the selection process was most likely random. The phenomenon is global.

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Are there any typical personality characteristics that abductees have?

From what we can tell, there is nothing "typical" in the personalities of most abductees. They don't seem to view the world any differently than others. However, many abductees who are unaware of their abductions "know" that they are in touch with some sort of "other reality" or "different dimension." Some of them tend to become more involved with New Age material and they consider themselves to be more "spiritual." Once they learn from a competent investigator what the phenomenon is all about, they tend to become less interested in the New Age world and more "grounded" in the reality of their situation.

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If this phenomena 'cuts across every class' do we have a ratio of heterosexual to homosexual abduction experiences?

Right now we do not have a ratio for homosexual/heterosexual abduction involvement. I have worked with a number of homosexual men and women. The procedures that they describe are no different than those outlined by heterosexual men and women. Their sexual orientation seems to have no bearing on the focus of the abduction.

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Do vasectomies and hysterectomies prevent abductions?

Unfortunately, these procedures do not stop abductions. Women with hysterectomies are still abducted and used as "hosts" for the incubation of hybrid fetuses. The fetuses are contained in what I call extra-uterine gestational units which I discuss in The Threat. Men with vasectomies are also still abducted. From what we can tell, sperm is extracted by an needle-like device directly from its area of production rather than from ejaculate.

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How many times is someone abducted?

When researchers began to look into the phenomenon, it was assumed that it was a single, adult-onset experience. Now, we realize that it begins in infancy and goes into old age (there are indications that it eventually does stop, but we are not exactly sure when). Most abductees report many events, but the total number of abductions is difficult to discern because most people have little or no memory of the majority of their abductions.

When attention has been paid to the number of experiences an abductee has over a specified period (a few months to a year), abductees have reported as few as less than one per month to as many as fourteen per month (although this is unusual). Most abductees with whom I have worked, report a frequency of a few times a month.

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How could it be possible for a UFO to come to the SAME location that many times, yet not be observed by others or the military?

The abduction phenomenon is a clandestine operation. They take people through walls, windows, and ceilings. During this part of the abduction scenario, the UFOs, the aliens, and the abductees have been rendered "unseeable." This is advanced technology at work. Thus, neighbors, military personnel, and others do not see the events. However, this is a fallible phenomenon. Sometimes "bystanders" do see people being abducted. We are seeing this more and more with Independent Hybrid Activity. Recently one abductee's neighbors asked her why her house was all lit up at night and they wanted to know who the people were walking around outside her house during the illumination. They interpreted it as a "fire" and "firemen" were there. In fact, the abductee inside was involved with abduction activity and the fire and firemen were not there.

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What is the annual percentage of abductions out of the U.S.?

This is an easy one to answer because we really don't know the number of abductions in and out of the United States. We do know that about 2 percent (at least) of the American public have had possible abduction-like experiences, but how many of those are actual abductees has yet to be determined. We also know that thousand of people from around the world have contacted UFO and abduction researchers indicating that they might have had abduction events as well. The United States does not have a corner on the abduction market. One thing is clear: this is a world-wide problem and tremendous numbers of people might be involved with it.

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Is there any way of preventing this from happening in the future?

Right now we have not been able to stop abductions. Some researchers have claimed that through thought processes (e.g. prayer, negotiation, etc.) abductions have been stopped or aborted. I have to emphasize that I have not been able to verify this. In general, people do not know when they were abducted and if they do remember, the memories tend to be very fragmentary. Thus, when an abduction starts, they may start praying and then remember that the beings turned round and left. What they are actually remembering is the first few seconds of the abduction and the last few seconds. They have forgotten the two hours in the middle. That allows some researchers to claim wrongly that the abductee "stopped" the abduction.

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Are hybrids living among us now?

In the past I was completely convinced that hybrids were not walking around with us.  That notion was silly and evidence-free.  In recent years, however, I have found mounting evidence that has forced me to change my mind.  I now believe it might very well be possible that hybrids are integrating into the society and therefore actually walking around here.  I feel somewhat foolish saying this, but I have to go where the evidence leads me and, alas, it has led me to this position.

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Why don't aliens act like scientists say they should?

Skeptics have stated that the abduction phenomenon does not exist because of the alien behavior that abductees report. If they were here, they would not be repeatedly abducting people to get eggs and sperm. They would gestate fetuses in vitro rather than using human hosts.

These arguments are culture-bound notions of how aliens should act and not based on any sense of reality. They have been fashioned into a sort of dogma, which has become a litmus test of "reality." If the abduction phenomenon does not fit that dogma, it does not exist.

We must confront the abduction evidence for what it is. The phenomenon is what it is. All we can do is chronicle what is happening, sort out the aliens' behavior and try to make sense of it. Our culturally determined expectations of how aliens should or should not act are of little consequence in the absence of evidence for their motivations. Investigators must analyze what is happening, not what should be happening. The abduction phenomenon is extremely logical and rational. Everything the aliens do is for a reason. Apparently, repeated abductions, repeated taking of eggs and sperm, and using women as hosts for fetuses are part of their plan.

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