Part 2:
Selecting an Investigator

Selecting an investigator is a critically important part of this recovery process. Your choice should be based on four main criteria:

  1. The person must either be a competent, ethical, hypnotist or must work with one.
  2. The investigator and/or hypnotist should be well versed in the patterns of UFO abductions in order to pursue to investigation correctly, helping the subject explore his or her memories smoothly and systematically. Investigators or hypnotists with a personal agenda (New Age, Spiritual, Transformational, "Doom and Gloom,") should be avoided, unless this is precisely what you are looking for.
  3. Ideally, the hypnotist should either be a therapist or work with one in order to help the abductee deal with the events that are uncovered.
  4. The final criterion is subtle and elusive: The investigator and the hypnotist should be particularly sensitive, perceptive, and willing to learn, criteria that is difficult to obtain but is perhaps the most valuable of all.

At the beginning of your explorations, you must not expect immediately startling revelations. Memory can be faulty even in hypnotic regressions and at first you may not be able to tell with absolute certainty what is real and what is imaginary. You must remember that it is possible that your dreams and half-memories may turn out to be just dreams and nothing more.

Delving into half-remembered experiences can be frightening. Some people are extremely anxious about recalling what happened to them, even though they desperately want to know the truth. An experienced hypnotist knows how to control this fear and can even eliminate it by certain techniques. Under hypnosis, fear is strongest at the very beginning of an abduction, but once this threshold is crossed, fear is greatly reduced. Then curiosity and amazement can displace it among commonly reported reactions.

Remember, the decision to recover hidden memories is an extremely important one. It can lead you into an "adventure" with both positive and negative developments. It is your life and you must not be pressured into making the decision one way or the other. Whatever your choice, make sure that you have considered it carefully so that you will be most comfortable and happy with it all the years to come.

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