Telepathy and Emotion in Alien Society

Part 14: Conclusion


The aliens (Insect-like and “Gray”) most likely represent a society that is based on very different sensate determinants than that of human societies. Their world appears to be group and service oriented. It is colorless, both literally and figuratively. It has less diversions, entertainments, and aesthetic content than human society. On board a UFO, it is apparent that the aliens lead a life of service and work in which individuality is subordinated to the group.

Their form of communication plays a significant role in the ordering of their lives and culture. Privacy and individual expression are either nonexistent or severely truncated. Telepathy both isolates and joins the aliens together in ways that are very different than in human societies. The quality of the aliens lives and the shape of their society as a whole is significantly formed by the role that the interplay between telepathy and a restricted neurology of the senses plays. It is a world in which humans would feel quite alien.

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