Thinking Clearly About the Abduction Phenomenon

Part 11: Abductee Memory Problems - The Message

A common event that abductees sometimes describe is that the aliens have given them a "message." The idea of the "message" dates back to the 1950s contactees and to the society's conception of what aliens would do if they were to "make contact" with us. The "message" suggests that the aliens are trying to contact us by establishing a flow of knowledge that would in some way help or inform us. They have imparted important information to the selected person. Receiving the special knowledge makes the abductee or contactee feel "chosen" and the recipient therefore has a special connection to the aliens.

One of the most important stumbling blocks in the idea of the message is that while the abductee might remember if one were given, for the most part abductees forget the vast majority of their abductions. If the hypnotist were not to investigate the event in which the message is bestowed, it is very unlikely that the abductee would spontaneously remember it and thus there would be no reason for a message.

Perhaps the most important problem with the message is the same problem as that of the aliens shielding their faces; the great number of abductions a person endures. If one has many abduction experiences during the course of his or her life, what are the chances that they would give a special message to an abductee while at the same time doing their routine abduction procedures? And, what are the chances that the hypnotist would hit upon that particular incident out of the many that the abductee has had? It is certainly within the realm of possibility, but the older the person, and the more abductions he or she has, the more unlikely it gets. Furthermore, the large numbers abductees militates against an average person being singled out from the other abductees. While it is always possible that the aliens are busily giving a message to an abductee every time he or she is abducted, this is not born out by the evidence. I have never gotten a formal message imparted to an abductee, although I have received reports of conversations which could be interpreted as a message in a very general sense.

These conversations constitute areas in which investigators must be exceptionally careful. One of the great "red flag" areas of confabulation is when abductees recount alien dialogue. When all communication is telepathic, it is easy for abductees to "hear" his or her own thoughts and think that they are coming from the alien. This can happen both in the abduction event itself and in the hypnosis session. Thus, by tapping into one's own cultural expectations of what "should" happen during an abduction, a "message" can emerge, especially if the hypnotist is naive or inexperienced and/or does not have the skills to understand the dynamics of the hypnotic session. The evidence indicates that the phenomenon is random and that the aliens do not particularly care about the average person's life or status. Messages are not part of the abduction phenomenon in any significant way.

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