Thinking Clearly About the Abduction Phenomenon

Part 12: Abductee Memory Problems - The Tour

Another doubtful idea voiced by some abductees is that the aliens gave them a "tour of the ship." The "tour" idea suggests that this is the first time that the person was abducted, that the person is interested in the ship's workings, that the aliens have nothing better to do than to show the abductee around, and that they obliged, as if the abductee were on a friendly visit.

In actuality, if a person has been abducted many times, the idea of a tour is somewhat illogical. In fact, I have only one case in which a person was given a tour, but it was in an entirely different context than what virtually all abductees say [it involved a young hybrid child who wanted to show the abductee the areas of the ship in which he lived]. What usually happens is that the person is led down the hallway from room to room in which different procedures are performed upon him. When an abductee has conscious memories without the benefit of a competent investigator, he tends to remember bits and pieces of an event which tend to assume more importance than they would if he were to remember them in context. Thus, when a person is walked down a hallway and sees, or purposely goes into other rooms, his altered state of consciousness, his conscious fragmented memories, and his cultural expectations easily allows for him to interpret this as a "tour."


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