Thinking Clearly About the Abduction Phenomenon

Part 6: Common Misconceptions - Doorway Amnesia

Like the phenomenon being an "experiment," another dubious notion that has entered into abduction research is "doorway amnesia." This theory holds that abductees almost never remember actually entering into a UFO or going into rooms inside it. Actually, abductees characteristically skip over many areas in the abduction scenario: getting one's clothes on or off, getting out of bed, moving from one room to another in the UFO, mindscan and other neural engagement procedures, and so forth. Doorway amnesia is just one of these typical "skips." With patience, the abductee will often remember everything about the entrance into the UFO. I have literally hundreds of detailed accounts of abductees entering into UFOs or into rooms within them. Doorway amnesia is not a significant part of the abduction phenomenon, but it is an important aspect of the memory problems that abductees have.


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